It starts with a wave

Our new logo is inspired by you — our neighbors. It reflects the actions and gestures we see in neighborhoods every day. It starts with a wave. A wave is a universal gesture of connection. Waves build and grow. One wave leads to another. And another. Our Nextdoor Wave is both a warm welcome to all and a reminder that when we reach out to connect with those nearby, the possibilities are endless.


What's your #NeighborStory?

Our Neighborhoods:
A Conversation Series

The Power of Neighborhoods


In partnership with the African American Mayors Association, Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar and Columbia, SC Mayor Benjamin talk about issues impacting our neighborhoods and how neighbors continue to come together during covid to help one another, rally around beloved local businesses and nonprofits and roll up their sleeves to make their neighborhoods better.

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Let's Celebrate National Neighbor Day


We’ve seen the power neighborhoods can have when we tap into them. On National Neighbor Day, we’ll celebrate neighbors who have come together, in ways big and small, to lift up their communities through the year’s most difficult challenges.

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Together for a Better Neighborhood


It's more important than ever to find common ground. Join 11Alive (WXIA-TV) and Nextdoor for a conversation featuring government, social justice, and nonprofit leaders on how we can help create more inclusive and connected neighborhoods.

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Better Neighbors: How to Support Small Businesses in 2020


Local businesses are the fabric of our neighborhoods - and right now they’re struggling in an unprecedented way. Brought to you by Thrillist and Nextdoor, this panel discussion features small business owners and experts on what we can all do to help them get through it.

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About our brand

An emphasis on action

Our brand is rooted in the way small actions grow into something bigger. From swapping school supplies to sharing stories, from starting walking groups to kick-starting conversations, your actions define your neighborhood. The new Nextdoor logo is an invitation to take a first step. The bright, spring green expresses a warm welcome. The letterforms of the wordmark are a set of elemental shapes that speak to the building blocks of a neighborhood. These shapes are used in patterns and as accents that come together to tell a bigger story — just as neighbors can start with many simple actions and spark bigger change in their neighborhoods.

Where neighborhoods happen

Nextdoor connects neighbors to each other — and to everything nearby: Local businesses, services, news updates, recommendations and stuff for sale from the people down the block. If ever there were a moment to connect with our neighborhoods, that time is now. It’s time to meet the neighbor down the block, to sell that old sofa or to find a new local restaurant. Nextdoor helps neighbors tap into their neighborhoods like never before.